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About EyeGate

a visual Encyclopedia
Eyegate is an open repository of graphical content in wide-screen format, where each user can make your choices on how or what to use it.

Galleries are groups of images addressing an issue. Each gallery is like an article in an Encyclopedia..

Collections are groups of galleries with a common theme. The galleries can be feat in different collections.

An exhibition is a continuous slideshow that is built using galleries and collections.
Each user has his own Exhibition (MyEyeGate) and can configure it's presentation settings.

To prevent the exhibition of non-wanted material, EyeGate has filters. Each activated filter will prevent the exhibition of that kind of image.
So, if you don't want to see nude content, you must check the filter nude at your preferences page.
A guest will navigate throught EyeGate with a default situation of the filters, preventing him to see some images.
In the "guest" situation, the filters "nude", "violence", "erotic" and "quality" are activated.